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Receivers and Interferometer Receivers

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Motion X Corporation's line of homodyne displacement measuring interferometer (DMI) systems and components offer both Remote Receiver / Interferometer combinations and stand alone Remote Receivers.

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Mirror Type

MX-RIR-RSP-LT-AB-ST-ST Left Fold Plane
MX-RIR-RSP-LT-SC-ST-ST Left Fold Plane
MX-RIR-RSP-RT-AB-ST-ST Right Fold Plane
MX-RIR-RSP-RT-SC-ST-ST Right Fold Plane
MX-RIR-RSP-ST-AB-ST-ST Straight Plane
MX-RIR-RSP-ST-SC-ST-ST Straight Plane
MX-RIR-PMD-LT-AB-ST-ST Left Fold Plane
MX-RIR-PMD-LT-SC-ST-ST Left Fold Plane
MX-RIR-PMD-RT-AB-ST-ST Right Fold Plane
MX-RIR-PMD-RT-SC-ST-ST Right Fold Plane
MX-RIR-PMD-ST-AB-ST-ST Straight Plane
MX-RIR-PMD-ST-SC-ST-ST Straight Plane
MX-RIR-ST-SM-AB-ST-ST Small Beam 3 mm N/A
MX-RIR-ST-SM-SC-ST-ST Small Beam 3 mm N/A
  Results 1 - 14 of 14 1 
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